the last day – saturday

17 Mar

Today, it was the last day to finish our work. The day started pretty nice – warm and sunny. People were in a good mood, only the upcoming end of the youth exchange was a little downer. But, we kept busy the whole day, so we can make a fantastic presentation later on.

The goal of the filmworkshop is to finalise three different little movies. One is based on documentational stuff from youtube to show different pros and contras about the EU. Samir B. is the editor and right now, he is still busy putting the film together. The second movie was a ficitonal story. Peter, one of the workshopleaders, prepared the editing yesterday, so the group was finished by midday. The third movie is an animation and this means a lot of editing work. Eva, the other workshopleader, is still editing the material and hopes that she can finish it right on time.

The fotoworkshop people did some more photos today and kept on printing the bags. In the end, they had to select the best ones from a big amount of photos to show all the other people what they done during the last week.

The dancing class prepared themself for the big performance later on. We are really excited, because nowbody, except the dancers, know how it will be.

The web group was so busy today to get the missing interviews and photos before everybody is leaving tomorrow.

That’s it for now. More stuff will follow…

by Grit


One Response to “the last day – saturday”

  1. Anna Nekrasova March 19, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    these days were perfect! i’m so missing!!
    and thank to everybody for the experiense, new friends, new feelings..

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