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international cooking

17 Mar

Good evening, my friends! I’ll write a few sentences about our interesting cooking evening, which we organized on Thursday. They say a man is what he eats! We’ve cooked our national meals all together and it was really delicious! In our kitchen we cooked meals like Roast Beef in cream sauce, SoganDozma, pancakes and chicken with potatoes. Our cultural evening also includes national drinks, for example: Becherovka. Everything was cooked very well. After eating some friends played a billiard game! It was really cool!



Guten Abend, meine Freunde! Ich werde jetzt ein paar Sätze über unseren interessanten Kochabend schreiben, den wir Donnerstag veranstaltet hatten! Wie man sagt, ein Mensch ist das was er isst. Wir haben alle zusammen unsere Nationalgerichte gekocht! Das war super lecker! In unserer Küche wurden solche Gerichte wie zum Beischpiel Roast Beef in cream sauce, Sogan Dozma, Pfannkuchen, Huhn mit Kartoffel gekocht! Unser Kulturabend enthielt auch Nationalgetränke wie z.B. Becherovka. Alles war gut gekocht. Nach dem wir alle satt gegessen waren, nahmen einige von unseren Freunden an einem Biliardspiel teil! Es war wirklich cool!




13 Mar

international evening

13 Mar

Hi to all once again!
I could say that we are already getting closer to each other, so we know something about our friends from different countries. The rest of ourselfs what we bring here in is the presentation of our country.

Last night was a special one, and we decided to represent our counties with some objects that remind us to our land, family or something that´s important to us.

So many people represented their country in so many different ways, and I have to say that was the greatest night on this project so far.

The leaders were so pleased and whole time they smiled and bringint to us positive comments.

In following fotogalery you can see some details from last night, enjoy!

International dancing - Russia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

international dancing

Heike & Samir



all together


russian dance

Amirs new challenge

12 Mar

I just had a look around and found my dear Amir practicing his new hobby: playing the piano. It’s wonderful and I suggest, that he is giving a concert tonight. Anyone else want to join?


my first post – Olesya

12 Mar

Germany again!

Hello! My name is OlesyaLevchenko. I’m from Russia. In the past I already have been in Magdeburg as a trainee at the IHK Saxony-Anhalt and it was interesting and great for me! I was happy to see Germany in real and to learn about different traditions and to meet people of the city. Because of that I was so happy when Olga Burkova called me and told me about the possibility to visit Germany again and to participate in this meeting. Thanks God, now I’m in Germany again! And the atmosphere makes fun, too! Currently, the Russian people and some people from Bosnia Herzegovina, from CzechRepublic and from Germany live in a nice castle. Everybody of us has different interests and position in life and I find that’s great! Let’s see what we create in nine days!




Wieder nach Deutschland 

Hallo! Ich heiße Olesya Levchenko. Ich bin aus Russland. Ich war schon früher in Magdeburg als Praktikantin in der IHK Sachsen-Anhalt und das war interessant und toll für mich! In der ersten Linie war ich glücklich, dass ich Deutschland innerhalb (nicht nur per Fernseher) gesehen habe, mit den Sitten und Bräuchen des Landes Bekannt gemacht und auch viele verschiedene Leute aus der Stadt kennengelernt habe. Deswegen war ich außerordentlich glücklich als meine Praktikums Leiterin Frau Olga Burkova an mich telefonierte und sagte, dass es solch eine Möglichkeit gibt wieder nach Deutschland zu fliegen und zwar nach Magdeburg und nochmals an einem interessanten Termin teilnehmen. Nun jetzt, Gott sei dank, bin ich wieder in Deutschland… Und wieder macht mir Atmosphere Spass! Zur Zeit leben wir Russen und noch Leute aus Bosnia, aus der Tschechischen Republik und selbstverständlich aus Deutschland in einem schönem Schloss! Wir alle haben verschiedene Interesse, Lebenspositionen und das finde ich nochmals toll! Mal sehen was wir in neun Tagen alle zusammen schaffen und kriegen!


my first post – Sarah

11 Mar

My introduction

Hello everybody! My name is Sarah Freistedt, I´m 19 years old and I live in a small village next to Magdeburg. After my A Levels I decided to have a great year full of new experiences. So since September 2011 I´m a German volunteer in Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg and work with a second volunteer together, the Italian girl Roberta.

After the preparation meeting for „ Access included“ in February we were really excited and looked forward to the 10th of march! So now the groups of each country have arrived and I am sure we will have a great time together, have a lot of fun in our workshops and make a lot of new experiences!


my first post – Jan

11 Mar

Hello, this is my first post, so I’ll write something about me.

My name’s Jan Smetana. I’m from Czech republic and I’m member of Web-Workshop. I’m 18, almost 19 years old. I’m really enjoying this meeting, because I can talk with people from other countries in different languagues and that’s good experience for me I think. I hope we will have good memories for this “trip” to Germany. Now I will write something about our trip from Czech to Germany. It taked about 5 hours and it was, I don’t know the best word for this, it was good, but bad, too. We just slept or listened some music, so that was our trip.


my first post – Amir

11 Mar

Long way up to getting know each other

Hi to everyone and welcome to my first article on this website. I am Amir Beharic and I came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, South-East Europe.

The trip from Bosnia to Germany (Magdeburg) was a really tough challenge and I would say that there is nothing simular that you can compare with it. Whole trip lasted for 32 hours. My team has 8 members, including myself. Also, there is one thing I would like to point out and that`s all about the trip. It was really fun and full of hope for successful operation called “Access included”.

All best wishes till my next article.

Amir Beharic