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the last day – saturday

17 Mar

Today, it was the last day to finish our work. The day started pretty nice – warm and sunny. People were in a good mood, only the upcoming end of the youth exchange was a little downer. But, we kept busy the whole day, so we can make a fantastic presentation later on.

The goal of the filmworkshop is to finalise three different little movies. One is based on documentational stuff from youtube to show different pros and contras about the EU. Samir B. is the editor and right now, he is still busy putting the film together. The second movie was a ficitonal story. Peter, one of the workshopleaders, prepared the editing yesterday, so the group was finished by midday. The third movie is an animation and this means a lot of editing work. Eva, the other workshopleader, is still editing the material and hopes that she can finish it right on time.

The fotoworkshop people did some more photos today and kept on printing the bags. In the end, they had to select the best ones from a big amount of photos to show all the other people what they done during the last week.

The dancing class prepared themself for the big performance later on. We are really excited, because nowbody, except the dancers, know how it will be.

The web group was so busy today to get the missing interviews and photos before everybody is leaving tomorrow.

That’s it for now. More stuff will follow…

by Grit


all about – Irina

17 Mar

Questions are here.

1. Hi my name’s Irina, I’m from Russia and I’m 18 years old.

2. When I was a child I wanted to be teacher of german languague.

3. Good career.

4. Lara Fabian.

5. I’m afraid of high.

8. I’m in Dance-Workshop and I’m here because I’m at dance school.



all about – Dascha

17 Mar

Questions are here

1. Dascha, 16 Leningradskaja

2. be a doctor

3. to work as an interpreter

4. music, books, friends

5. I’m afraid of evil people

6. everything we create is better for us

7. I would like to care for all animals

8. I like dancing

9. meet neew people and learn about new cultures

by Olesya


all about – Vera

17 Mar

Questions are here

1. Hi, my name is Vera Pankova and I´m 18 years old. I´m comming from Russia.

2.Whan I was young I wanted to be a mode designer.

3. In 10 years I think I´m gonna finish my colege and get high school and to be a translator.

4. The person who inspires me at most is my mother.

5. I´m scared of spiders and snakes.

6. My favorite motto is “Don´t worry, be happy”.

7. If I could be a president of my country I would like to change and exterminated the coruption in whole society.

8. I´m in dance workshop and I choose it because I really like to dance.

by Amir


interview with : Samir Beharic

17 Mar

Questions: 1. What is your role in this project? 2. What do you think about this projec? 3. How do you see this group in next projects? 4. Is this usefull for EU because so many young people are highly motivated after projects like this one? 5. At the end..?

1. My role in this project is to be youth leader but also I´m working and I´m part of video workshop.

2. What I think about it is that´s really exciting and I can say it´s really delightfull to work with young people and their leaders from all aroud the Europe.

3. All I hope is that there will be more cooperation in the future and team will work together in upcomming years.

4. It is usefull for the EU because the EU will have a lot of advantages from young people who are involved in this kind of projects.

5. At the end I would say for me, this was the greatest expirience and I hope I will continue with this king of work with young people from all over the Europe.




photoworkshop – work report

17 Mar

First day they get instructions how to use camera. It was written on a papper and how to take the best pictures they can. Their leader sent them out to take 30 pictures of everything they wanted. After they finished it they presented their photos. Their leader told them which photos are good, which bad and why. They had their cameras for this day.

Second day they went to the city to church take more photos (they had borrowed cameras). It was like trip to Magdeburg, but with taking photos. After this they built atelier and they tried to take photos of people. They started to use flash.

Third day they printed their pictures on their bages.

Fourth day they learned how to use sunshine for taking pictures. They took pictures everywhere they could.

by Jan.

Here are two examples of their work.



something about Franziska

17 Mar

1. Why are you on this meeting?

I’m project manager and I’m responsible for planning and finding a team, workshop leaders, planning the program.

2. How did you enjoy it?

I had to do a lot of things, I have to do a lot of administrativ staff, I couldn’t enjoy your trips, but I think it was a good week.

3. What you will to do after this project ends?

I have to finish the work of the project, realize communication with partners from different countries, I have to plan next projects, finish the rest of my work. I go to Warsaw in Poland and I’ll travel to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

4. Are you looking forward to another project next year?

I would like to realize another project with these partners, but maybe with other topics, Im looking forward to it.

5. What will be your best memory from here?

Presentation of workshops and international cooking.

by Jan.


Interview with : Samir Agic

17 Mar

Questions:1. What is your oppinion about this project? 2. Do you think that this project is usefull for the rest of your group? 3. Tell me something about your group, how do they se this project? 4. What can you say to us about the succes they´ve done during this project? 5. At the end..?

1. I think this project is fantastic. There is so many opportunities, to meet other cultures, people around the Europe. I think the program suited great for our youngsters because video, photo, dance and the web-design are the most powerfull expresions for the youth creativity.

2. In this project, Bosnian group expirienced a lot of new things, and they bring back to their home with new expirience.

3. I think our group was very active. We had a lot of memberses group, who had different good previously expirience and they build their knowledge in their workshops and common discusion, for exp. “Go Europe” discusion. We were very good informed about it.

4. A lot of youngsters are now highly motivated to participates in other simular projects (Seminars, Youth exchange).

5. At the end, for resime, this project show us again how important and efective the youth program is and very poverfull promotes European unity with different nations and leanguages. One again, I wish to everyone all the best and I´m sending to you a lot of greetings.

Samir A.

reisen & traveling – part 3

17 Mar

Hello! I’m very lucky to write about my favorite city today! It is Berlin – the eternally young city. Of course we took a lot of pictures. There were Brandenburger Tor, Rathausgebäude, Alexanderplatz and so much more sights. The whole day we traveled through Berlin. We enjoyed not only the great weather but also we liked the historical, religious and modern center of Berlin. The issue of the day was “Religious representations in Germany”. Because of that we visit a lot of things which are connected with the topic. Actually we saw a lot of churches and the biggest synagogue of Germany. We learned so much new. For example, personally I found out that I like to live one more year in Berlin.

 by Olesya


Hallo! Ich bin sehr glücklich heute über meine Lieblingsstadt zu schreiben. Es ist Berlin, eine ewig junge Stadt. Wir haben selbstverständlich viel fotografiert. Brandenburger Tor, Rathausgebäude, Alexanderplatz und vieles andere. Den ganzen Tag reisten wir durch Berlin. Wir haben nicht nur gutes Wetter genossen, sondern uns hat auch die Stadt als historisches, religiöses und modernes Zentrum gefallen. Das Thema des Tages war Religionsvertretungen in Deutschland. In diesem Zusammenhang haben wir viel damit Verbundenes besichtigt. Und zwar viele verschiedene Kirchen und die größte Synagoge Deutschlands. Wir haben viel Neues erfahren. Ich, zum Beispiel, habe festgestellt, dass ich mindestens ein weiteres Jahr in Berlin leben möchte.

von Olesya

something about – Peter (Film-Workshop)

17 Mar

1. Why are you on this meeting?

Because I’m doing this for the last 3 years, it’s always fun and interesting to meet new people and see how they visualize their ideas.

2. How did you enjoy it?

I enjoyed it very much.

3. What you will to do after this project ends?

Go back to work and make films.

4. Are you looking forward to another project next year?

I hope we will do this again next year, Im looking forward it.

5. What will be your best memory from here?

International cooking, the whole working process and how all ideas came to life.

by Jan.