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let’s roll – Film ab!

24 Apr

A good idea and hard work – in the end, you have a brilliant film. The film workshop prooved their skills and produced three wonderful little movies. So have a look here.


keep smiling & press the button

24 Apr

They shoot thousands of pictures during this week. They learned thousands of new things. And they had a great time. See the wonderful selection of the best pictures from the photo workshop here.

dancing into the moonlight

18 Apr

It was a lot of work, a lot of sweat and a lot of fun. In the end, there was a wonderful performance. Have look here.

photoworkshop – work report

17 Mar

First day they get instructions how to use camera. It was written on a papper and how to take the best pictures they can. Their leader sent them out to take 30 pictures of everything they wanted. After they finished it they presented their photos. Their leader told them which photos are good, which bad and why. They had their cameras for this day.

Second day they went to the city to church take more photos (they had borrowed cameras). It was like trip to Magdeburg, but with taking photos. After this they built atelier and they tried to take photos of people. They started to use flash.

Third day they printed their pictures on their bages.

Fourth day they learned how to use sunshine for taking pictures. They took pictures everywhere they could.

by Jan.

Here are two examples of their work.



photos from Wittenberg

15 Mar


inside the church

presenting the drawing

drawing of the typical christ


snapshots filmworkshop

15 Mar

working people

15 Mar

There is a lot of working energy around. As you can see at the pictures below. All the workshopleaders are busy. No picture of Julia the dance leader,  because she took her class to the dancing school in the city. You can imagine me sitting in front of the computer, so there is no need for a picture.

by Grit

film workshop – day 2 and 3

15 Mar

Hello my friends! How are you? I hope hopethat everything is as good as our film crew. I asked my friend Aldin what about the film and he explained me some points. Here you can read it:

Do you like the atmosphere in your working group?

Aldin: everything is fine! We all work very hard and everybody has something to do. We are active and creative in our project! We are working, working and working!

Which theme have you chosen for our film?

Aldin: All together we thought about it and found out that our work should reflect something actual and important to our audience.  Because of that we shoot a film about the union of the EU. There are pro and con opinions and we want to demonstrate it in our film.











Hallo, meine Freunde! Wie geht es bei euch? Ich hoffe dass alles so gut ist wie bei unseren Filmern! Ich habe meinen Freund Aldin aus der Gruppe gefragt, wie steht es schon heute mit dem Film? Und er hat einige Punkte ein bisschen erklärt. Hier könnt ihr weiterlesen!

Ich: Gefällt dir die Atmosphere in deiner Arbeitsgruppe?

Aldin: Alles ist prima! Wir arbeiten alle zusammen sehr tüchtig. Niemand hat keine Arbeit. Wir alle sind aktiv und kreativ in unserem Projekt! Wir arbeiten, arbeiten und noch ein Mal arbeiten.

Ich: Was für ein Thema habt ihr für euren Film gewählt?

Aldin: Wir haben alle zusammen ganz aufmerksam überlegt und haben es festgestellt, dass unsere Arbeit was besonders Aktuelles und unseren Zuschauern etwas Wichtiges widerspiegeln sollte. Deswegen drehen wir ein Film über die EU Vereinigung. Es gibt pro und contra Meinungen in diesem Zusammenhang und wir wollen das in unserem Film zu demonstrieren.


by Olesya

photo workshop results – day 1

13 Mar

photographers at work

13 Mar