workshop dance


Workshop members:
Dascha, Irina, Irma, Lara, Vera, Andreas, Tonda

What did you do?
The dancer discovered the world of Hip Hop. We started with small exercises for body tension and balance as a basis for every type of dance. We choose the song “Yeah!” of Usher because it is very popular and it is easier for beginners to understand a well-known beat.  First of all we learned a lot of Hip Hop basic steps and we practiced them for the song. So the beat and the moves became second nature. Following we created a choreography which included, connected and developed the well-known basic steps. We watched the video of Ushers OMG Tour to see his dance style in perfection and to understand the feelings of the songs better. Forthe dancers it was a week filled with hard training but also with a lot of fun.

What was your aim?
It was my aim tomake the everyday life of a dancer and the lifestyle of hip hop more accessible to the young people. I wanted to show that many exercises don’t look beautiful at first, but they are just for training and only with this basis you can develop a choreography. Hip Hop is not only a modern dance style but also it is an attitude of life which is expressed in a lot of movements. I set great store by these thoughts.

What do you still like to say to the dancer?
Thank you for a funny week including hard work and time for laughing. Be proud of what you have learned and presented. I hope you will remember some Hip Hop spirit in your live. Probably, see you soon!

yours Julia


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