workshop photo

Workshop Members:
KataKamillaRoberta, DenyEnida, Candy, Kevin, AnnaNasdja

What did you do in this workshop?
This workshop was about teaching basic knowledge in how to take a good picture by simple means. It was essential to increase one’s awareness and to get a feeling for shapes, colours, lines and structures. All members got a checklist “How to take better photographs?”, which explained what should be regarded to perform strongly. In three different shootings everybody could gain experiences. In one of the shootings they used a professional flashlight, wich is used in studios. In the other shootings they dealt with available light like daylight.To finish the workshop, we did some screenprinting to give an idea what else is possible with pictures if you take a step further.

The workshop was much fun for everybody and now they are shooting on and on.

Have fun. It was a great time. Thank you.
yours Emster

Here are the results of the workshop

The first set of pictures is from the shooting using professional flashlight like in big photostudios. The second set presents pictures using only available light. The third set shows making of pictures from the shooting and the screenprinting.


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