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a fantastic last night – good bye, friends!

24 Apr

We had a wonderful time together and did some great work during this week. Our last night was so special. All the workshops presented their work. We saw an amazing dance performance, heaps of fantastic pictures, three great little movies and had a quick look at the webpage to give an idea of the numerous posts.

To finish it all off, the russians started to sing “wind of change” and everybody did sing along. It was very emotional to see so many young people to become friends during just one week. No matter of origin, religion or language.

Be proud of yourself and all the best to you. You never know, maybe we will meet again.


the last day – saturday

17 Mar

Today, it was the last day to finish our work. The day started pretty nice – warm and sunny. People were in a good mood, only the upcoming end of the youth exchange was a little downer. But, we kept busy the whole day, so we can make a fantastic presentation later on.

The goal of the filmworkshop is to finalise three different little movies. One is based on documentational stuff from youtube to show different pros and contras about the EU. Samir B. is the editor and right now, he is still busy putting the film together. The second movie was a ficitonal story. Peter, one of the workshopleaders, prepared the editing yesterday, so the group was finished by midday. The third movie is an animation and this means a lot of editing work. Eva, the other workshopleader, is still editing the material and hopes that she can finish it right on time.

The fotoworkshop people did some more photos today and kept on printing the bags. In the end, they had to select the best ones from a big amount of photos to show all the other people what they done during the last week.

The dancing class prepared themself for the big performance later on. We are really excited, because nowbody, except the dancers, know how it will be.

The web group was so busy today to get the missing interviews and photos before everybody is leaving tomorrow.

That’s it for now. More stuff will follow…

by Grit

interview with : Samir Beharic

17 Mar

Questions: 1. What is your role in this project? 2. What do you think about this projec? 3. How do you see this group in next projects? 4. Is this usefull for EU because so many young people are highly motivated after projects like this one? 5. At the end..?

1. My role in this project is to be youth leader but also I´m working and I´m part of video workshop.

2. What I think about it is that´s really exciting and I can say it´s really delightfull to work with young people and their leaders from all aroud the Europe.

3. All I hope is that there will be more cooperation in the future and team will work together in upcomming years.

4. It is usefull for the EU because the EU will have a lot of advantages from young people who are involved in this kind of projects.

5. At the end I would say for me, this was the greatest expirience and I hope I will continue with this king of work with young people from all over the Europe.




international cooking

17 Mar

Good evening, my friends! I’ll write a few sentences about our interesting cooking evening, which we organized on Thursday. They say a man is what he eats! We’ve cooked our national meals all together and it was really delicious! In our kitchen we cooked meals like Roast Beef in cream sauce, SoganDozma, pancakes and chicken with potatoes. Our cultural evening also includes national drinks, for example: Becherovka. Everything was cooked very well. After eating some friends played a billiard game! It was really cool!



Guten Abend, meine Freunde! Ich werde jetzt ein paar Sätze über unseren interessanten Kochabend schreiben, den wir Donnerstag veranstaltet hatten! Wie man sagt, ein Mensch ist das was er isst. Wir haben alle zusammen unsere Nationalgerichte gekocht! Das war super lecker! In unserer Küche wurden solche Gerichte wie zum Beischpiel Roast Beef in cream sauce, Sogan Dozma, Pfannkuchen, Huhn mit Kartoffel gekocht! Unser Kulturabend enthielt auch Nationalgetränke wie z.B. Becherovka. Alles war gut gekocht. Nach dem wir alle satt gegessen waren, nahmen einige von unseren Freunden an einem Biliardspiel teil! Es war wirklich cool!


trip to Berlin

16 Mar

Perfect weather to visit our beautiful capital Berlin. Very early in the morning, the whole group took the train to get there in time. They have a busy program planned by Heike & Franziska. So, they will visit a mosque, a synagogue and a Coptic community. I wish you a lot of fun and great input.


trip to Wittenberg

14 Mar

Today on wednesday, our international group is on it’s way to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. They will discover Luther’s work at the Evangelische Akademie and meet some pupils from Luther-Melanchton-Gymnasium. More details and pictures, of course, about the trip, will follow tomorrow.

by Grit

international evening

13 Mar

Hi to all once again!
I could say that we are already getting closer to each other, so we know something about our friends from different countries. The rest of ourselfs what we bring here in is the presentation of our country.

Last night was a special one, and we decided to represent our counties with some objects that remind us to our land, family or something that´s important to us.

So many people represented their country in so many different ways, and I have to say that was the greatest night on this project so far.

The leaders were so pleased and whole time they smiled and bringint to us positive comments.

In following fotogalery you can see some details from last night, enjoy!

International dancing - Russia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

international dancing

Heike & Samir



all together


russian dance

kick off on sunday

11 Mar

Everybody has arrived in beautiful Magdeburg. It’s Sunday, the 11th of March and we all sit together for the first time. Getting to know each other will be the most interesting part. We are young people from Russia, from Bosnia, from Czech Republic and from Germany. Let’s see how we get along with each other.

And welcome to Magdeburg, guys!!


let’s start

10 Mar

Hello People, Hello World!

This Youth Exchange has started and this website will follow the progress. There is a group of four young people, who will be writing about the things happening here. We introduce ourselfs, of course and all the others being a part of this adventure. Please follow the blog and enjoy the posts.