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all about – Irina

17 Mar

Questions are here.

1. Hi my name’s Irina, I’m from Russia and I’m 18 years old.

2. When I was a child I wanted to be teacher of german languague.

3. Good career.

4. Lara Fabian.

5. I’m afraid of high.

8. I’m in Dance-Workshop and I’m here because I’m at dance school.




all about – Dascha

17 Mar

Questions are here

1. Dascha, 16 Leningradskaja

2. be a doctor

3. to work as an interpreter

4. music, books, friends

5. I’m afraid of evil people

6. everything we create is better for us

7. I would like to care for all animals

8. I like dancing

9. meet neew people and learn about new cultures

by Olesya


all about – Vera

17 Mar

Questions are here

1. Hi, my name is Vera Pankova and I´m 18 years old. I´m comming from Russia.

2.Whan I was young I wanted to be a mode designer.

3. In 10 years I think I´m gonna finish my colege and get high school and to be a translator.

4. The person who inspires me at most is my mother.

5. I´m scared of spiders and snakes.

6. My favorite motto is “Don´t worry, be happy”.

7. If I could be a president of my country I would like to change and exterminated the coruption in whole society.

8. I´m in dance workshop and I choose it because I really like to dance.

by Amir


something about Franziska

17 Mar

1. Why are you on this meeting?

I’m project manager and I’m responsible for planning and finding a team, workshop leaders, planning the program.

2. How did you enjoy it?

I had to do a lot of things, I have to do a lot of administrativ staff, I couldn’t enjoy your trips, but I think it was a good week.

3. What you will to do after this project ends?

I have to finish the work of the project, realize communication with partners from different countries, I have to plan next projects, finish the rest of my work. I go to Warsaw in Poland and I’ll travel to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

4. Are you looking forward to another project next year?

I would like to realize another project with these partners, but maybe with other topics, Im looking forward to it.

5. What will be your best memory from here?

Presentation of workshops and international cooking.

by Jan.


Interview with : Samir Agic

17 Mar

Questions:1. What is your oppinion about this project? 2. Do you think that this project is usefull for the rest of your group? 3. Tell me something about your group, how do they se this project? 4. What can you say to us about the succes they´ve done during this project? 5. At the end..?

1. I think this project is fantastic. There is so many opportunities, to meet other cultures, people around the Europe. I think the program suited great for our youngsters because video, photo, dance and the web-design are the most powerfull expresions for the youth creativity.

2. In this project, Bosnian group expirienced a lot of new things, and they bring back to their home with new expirience.

3. I think our group was very active. We had a lot of memberses group, who had different good previously expirience and they build their knowledge in their workshops and common discusion, for exp. “Go Europe” discusion. We were very good informed about it.

4. A lot of youngsters are now highly motivated to participates in other simular projects (Seminars, Youth exchange).

5. At the end, for resime, this project show us again how important and efective the youth program is and very poverfull promotes European unity with different nations and leanguages. One again, I wish to everyone all the best and I´m sending to you a lot of greetings.

Samir A.

something about – Peter (Film-Workshop)

17 Mar

1. Why are you on this meeting?

Because I’m doing this for the last 3 years, it’s always fun and interesting to meet new people and see how they visualize their ideas.

2. How did you enjoy it?

I enjoyed it very much.

3. What you will to do after this project ends?

Go back to work and make films.

4. Are you looking forward to another project next year?

I hope we will do this again next year, Im looking forward it.

5. What will be your best memory from here?

International cooking, the whole working process and how all ideas came to life.

by Jan.


something about Heike

17 Mar

1. Why are you on this meeting?

It’s my job, I like to work with Franziska.

2. How did you enjoy it?

In general I enjoyed it.

3. What you will to do after this project ends?

Go to Berlin and plan my next seminar.

4. Are you looking forward to another project next year?

It’s allways nice, I don’t know if I’ll do it again but simular meetings are my job.

5. What will be your best memory from here?

 A lot of situation, cooking night, it was really delitious. Walking around with smaller groups because there was better talking.
by Jan.

something about Marina Saporogez

17 Mar

Marina is the other team leader of the russian group. I aksed her, how she got involved in this project and this is what she answered:

I was invited to participatein theproject and I’veacceptedtheinvitation withgreat pleasure. Hopefully there will be next projects which take place in Germany or in Russia. This projects offer excellent possibilities to learn about different cultures, to improve language knowledge and to promote tolerance between young people of different nationalities.












Ich wurde eingelanden am Projekt teilzunehmen und ich habe die Einladung mit großem Vergnügen angenommen. Hoffentlich werden Folgeprojekte entweder in Deutschland oder in Russland statt finden, weil sochle Projekte sehr gute Möglichkeiten bieten verschiedene Kulturen kennen zu lernen, die Sprachkenntnisse zu verbessern und die Toleranz zwischen den Jugendlichen verschiedener Nationalitäten zu fördern.

by Olesya.

all about – Lara

17 Mar

Questions are here.

1. My name’s Lara, I’m 24, I’m from Bosnia & Herzegovina and I’m physiotherapist.

2. I wanted to be a doctor.

3. I want to have family and children, work as physiotherapist, move out of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

4. My mother.

5. I’m afraid of snakes.

8. Dance-Workshop, because I like that and I’m teacher of dance, so I want to get more experiences with it.

by Jan


something about – Olga Burkova

17 Mar

Olga Burkova is the team leader of the russian group. I asked her about the projekt and that is what she answered:

The Bildungsnetzwerk has asked us, if we want to participate in the project. So we’ve presented our youth the content of the program and then we’ve send our experiences with intercultural exchanges to our partner.

I hope that the intercultural cooperation will be continued after this project.Especially we want to inform our youth in the college and we want to present our experiences with this project. Then we create an own project with the aim of the European youth exchange in Russia, Leningradskaya. That means we develop the intercultural awareness in our country. We believe thatthrough this projectwehavemetfriends inEuropeandhad made newcontacts. And all this enrich our life. I believe that there is a great importance for young people to participate in such intercultural meetings.




Das Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg hat uns gefragt, ob wir an dem Projekt teilnehmen wollen. Wir haben den Jugendlichen den Inhalt des Programms vorgestellt und dann haben wir unsere Erfahrungen mit interkulturellem Austausch an unsere Partner geschickt.

Ich hoffe, nach diesem Projekt wird unsere interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit fortgesetzt. Vor allem möchten wir unseren Jugendlichen im College Informationen und unsere Erfahrungen mit dem Projekt vorstellen und dann gestalten wir ein eigenes Projekt mit dem Ziel der europäischen Jugendbegegnung in Russland, genauer in Leningradskaya. Das beudetet, dass wir das interkulturelle Bewusstsein in unserem Land weiter entwickeln. Wir glauben, dass Dank dieses Projekts wir Freunde in Europa kennen gelernt haben und neue Kontakte geknüpft haben. Und das alles bereichert unser Leben. Ich glaube, es ist von großer Bedeutung für Jugendliche an solchen interkulturellen Begegnungen teilzunehmen.

by Olesya