workshop film


workshop members:
ArminRomanAminaAnnaSergejOndraSamirAldinLukasPeter, Ronja

What did you do in this workshop?
Our aim for the film workshop was to make 3 different films on the topic of religion and europe.The discussion within the group showed that the workshop participants wanted to concentrate on the topic europe. We dicided to make 3 films, each in an differnt genre. Documentary, Fictional Shortfilm and Animation. After 5 Days of thinking, filming, animating and editing all 3 films were finished and we all were suprised how everything came out really nice. Thanks to all the participant for their passion and hard work!

yours Eva and Peter

Here are two of the three films

“Superheros” by Amina, Anna, Sergej, Ondra

“Mujo and Johanna” by Ronja, Armin, Roman and a big thanks to Lukas and Samir A.


As soon as we get the third film, we will show it here. It’s a documentary by Samir B., Aldin, Lukas, Peter


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