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snapshots photo workshop – day 2

13 Mar


by Grit


snapshots film workshop – day 2

13 Mar

by Grit

dance workshop – day 2

13 Mar

The second day in the whole building was a pretty hard working atmosphere. Everyone is working something. So that´s same in the dance workshop. Today they, like yesterday, doing their performace about their basic steps and completing their movement skills.

The leader of dance group Julia Lange said that 50% of their tasks are already done, so the other half will be done in next days.

Today, they are specially glad because their dance performance is going smoothly than yesterday and Julia sad that with every day it is going better and better.

She is also pleased with the discipline of her students.

Greeting from Amir.

Danceleader Julia

dance workshop – day 1

13 Mar

Yesterday was a tough day for all 4 workshops groups. I said that because, for all of us, that was a first day of „hard work“.

Everyone was really brilliant, but yesterday the dance group was special. The leader of them is Julia Lange, and in next few days she will teaching them the basic movements and dance tricks.

dance rocks!

The dance workshop is made of 8 young people from all different countries. Their aim is to get to know each other closely and learn to dance and became better dancers than they really are.

The special moment in it is that boys from other workshops take a break just to come in dancing room and watch those beautifull „movements“.

Best greetings, Amir.

film workshop – day 1

13 Mar

Yesterday I asked some people from the vidio group about the situation in their team. And this is what they told me:

We are the video group. Yesterday we were spleated into three parts. The first group have to shoot documentary film, the second- action, and the third-moove. Yesterday we discussed different scrips of our future film. We have got avery frendly and creative atmothphire in our group. Some of us have a great expearence of shooting films. The next day will be interesting.


snapshots back-office – day 1

12 Mar

snapshots foto workshop – day 1

12 Mar

snapshots dance workshop – day 1

12 Mar

snapshots film workshop – day 1

12 Mar

web workshop – day 1

12 Mar

Web-workshop is not about designing web as I thought, but about searching for information about all of us. So we’re like „journalists“. And I think it’s very funny, because I like this and I never did it before, so another experience for me and my other 3 friends from this workshop.

Today our leader explained us how to publish news on Access Included website. I thought it will be harder but it was very easy. We can upload photos to this site but not so many. Our first task is write about Workshops, I choosed Web-Workshop. We talked about a lot of things and we have a lot of taskes. We need to ask many people for our questions.