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all about – Peter

17 Mar

Questions are here.

1. Peter, 24, Magdeburg

2. my dream was it to be a pilot

3. chef in a restaurant

4. my father is a role model for me

5. I’m afraid of the dark

6. you never know what happens tomorrow

7. to reform the school politics and to abolish the NPD (national party)

8. I choose the film workshop, because I took part in the film workshop during the last Youth Exchange and it was a good experience for me

9. to learn about other religions and cultures

by Olesya



all about – Kevin

17 Mar

As you know, questions are here.

1. Kevin, 20, Magdeburg

2.I wanted to be a policeman

3. self-employed, earn good money, to found an own familiy

4. the Berlin Rapper Silla.

5. to stay alone

6. To be envied is the country that has heroes. Poor is the country which needs heroes.

7. equality

8. Photo – it makes fun

9. to change wrong views in different areas

by Olesya


all about – Candy

17 Mar

Questions are here

  1. Candy. 20, Magdeburg
  2. I wanted to be a waitress
  3. to have a family and children
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo
  5. nothing
  6. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today
  7. to create more jobs
  8. I like taking pictures, so I choose the photo workshop
  9. It’s interesting to learn more about religions and languages and cultures

by Olesya


trip to Berlin

16 Mar

Perfect weather to visit our beautiful capital Berlin. Very early in the morning, the whole group took the train to get there in time. They have a busy program planned by Heike & Franziska. So, they will visit a mosque, a synagogue and a Coptic community. I wish you a lot of fun and great input.


photos from Wittenberg

15 Mar


inside the church

presenting the drawing

drawing of the typical christ


snapshots filmworkshop

15 Mar

working people

15 Mar

There is a lot of working energy around. As you can see at the pictures below. All the workshopleaders are busy. No picture of Julia the dance leader,  because she took her class to the dancing school in the city. You can imagine me sitting in front of the computer, so there is no need for a picture.

by Grit

trip to Wittenberg

14 Mar

Today on wednesday, our international group is on it’s way to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. They will discover Luther’s work at the Evangelische Akademie and meet some pupils from Luther-Melanchton-Gymnasium. More details and pictures, of course, about the trip, will follow tomorrow.

by Grit

photo workshop results – day 1

13 Mar

photographers at work

13 Mar