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all about – Vera

17 Mar

Questions are here

1. Hi, my name is Vera Pankova and I´m 18 years old. I´m comming from Russia.

2.Whan I was young I wanted to be a mode designer.

3. In 10 years I think I´m gonna finish my colege and get high school and to be a translator.

4. The person who inspires me at most is my mother.

5. I´m scared of spiders and snakes.

6. My favorite motto is “Don´t worry, be happy”.

7. If I could be a president of my country I would like to change and exterminated the coruption in whole society.

8. I´m in dance workshop and I choose it because I really like to dance.

by Amir



interview with : Samir Beharic

17 Mar

Questions: 1. What is your role in this project? 2. What do you think about this projec? 3. How do you see this group in next projects? 4. Is this usefull for EU because so many young people are highly motivated after projects like this one? 5. At the end..?

1. My role in this project is to be youth leader but also I´m working and I´m part of video workshop.

2. What I think about it is that´s really exciting and I can say it´s really delightfull to work with young people and their leaders from all aroud the Europe.

3. All I hope is that there will be more cooperation in the future and team will work together in upcomming years.

4. It is usefull for the EU because the EU will have a lot of advantages from young people who are involved in this kind of projects.

5. At the end I would say for me, this was the greatest expirience and I hope I will continue with this king of work with young people from all over the Europe.




Interview with : Samir Agic

17 Mar

Questions:1. What is your oppinion about this project? 2. Do you think that this project is usefull for the rest of your group? 3. Tell me something about your group, how do they se this project? 4. What can you say to us about the succes they´ve done during this project? 5. At the end..?

1. I think this project is fantastic. There is so many opportunities, to meet other cultures, people around the Europe. I think the program suited great for our youngsters because video, photo, dance and the web-design are the most powerfull expresions for the youth creativity.

2. In this project, Bosnian group expirienced a lot of new things, and they bring back to their home with new expirience.

3. I think our group was very active. We had a lot of memberses group, who had different good previously expirience and they build their knowledge in their workshops and common discusion, for exp. “Go Europe” discusion. We were very good informed about it.

4. A lot of youngsters are now highly motivated to participates in other simular projects (Seminars, Youth exchange).

5. At the end, for resime, this project show us again how important and efective the youth program is and very poverfull promotes European unity with different nations and leanguages. One again, I wish to everyone all the best and I´m sending to you a lot of greetings.

Samir A.

all about – Anna

15 Mar

The question about this interview you can see here:

1. Hi to everyone. My name is Anna Nekrasova. I have 19 years old and I´m comming from Russia.

2. When I was young my dream was to be a doctor for animals or veterinarian.

3. In  10 years fisrt of all I want to be a wife. After that I want to be a costom officer.

4. The person who inspiring me is my mother, because she´s giving me everything and the secon person who inspiring me is my teacher.

5. I´m scared about that my dreams wont come true.

6. The motto of my life is: “If you can´t do something than do it, if you can´t do something you have to try it.”

7. If I can be a president of my country, first thing I would do is change political believings, change whole guverment and I would try to tell to Europe that Russia is not the land they think it is.

8. I´m in photo workshop, and I choose it because I just like to look at photos and making them.



all about – Nastya Rozhkova

15 Mar

Quesstions are here: 

  1. My name is Nastya Rozhkova and I´m 20 years old. I´m comming from Russia.
  2. Whan I was young I wanted to be an interpretator with young people.
  3. In 10 years I thing I will have my own business.
  4. The person who inspires me the most is my mother.
  5. I´m afraid to be alone.
  6. My motto of life is: „Everything what´s happened, happens for a good.“
  7. If I could be a president of my country, first of all I would change the diferences between the „low class“ and the „high class“ of people. I will bring in the „middle class“ of people. Also I could take a look to work something abpout education.
  8. I´m in photo workshop, and I choose it because I just like to looking at so many photography.

by Amir


photo of a day

13 Mar

Armin & Samir A.


by Amir

dance workshop – day 2

13 Mar

The second day in the whole building was a pretty hard working atmosphere. Everyone is working something. So that´s same in the dance workshop. Today they, like yesterday, doing their performace about their basic steps and completing their movement skills.

The leader of dance group Julia Lange said that 50% of their tasks are already done, so the other half will be done in next days.

Today, they are specially glad because their dance performance is going smoothly than yesterday and Julia sad that with every day it is going better and better.

She is also pleased with the discipline of her students.

Greeting from Amir.

Danceleader Julia

all about – Anna Krivenko

13 Mar

Questions to be find here.

1. 20 years old and comming from Russia

2. When I was young I was dreaming about to be a moderator of some radio station.

3. I thing in 10 years I´m gonna be a referent in a Nesstle company.

4. I´m inspired by Denisova Natalia and tutors in my college.

5. I´m scared to loose my relevants.

6. My motto of life is: “If you´re active you´re successfull”.

7. If I am the president of my country I would put my atention on social problem, education and employment.

8. I´m in a video workshop and the reason I´m here is that because I think that in film production there are so many different people around me.


by Amir

all about – Sergej Yarovenko

13 Mar

The questions to this interview, you will find here.

1. Sergej Yarovenko, 20 years old and comming from Russia

2. Whan I was young I wanted to be an actor.

3. In 10 years I thing I´m gonna be a teacher or I´ll open a restaurant.

4. I´m inspiring by Hue Jackman.

5. I´m scared to be alone.

6. My motto of life is “Who don´t risk, don´t drink a champagne.”- Russian quote

7. If I am a president of my country I would change a whole country.

8. I´m in a film workshop and I choose it because it´s interesting and every film show the different problem. It´s not only just for fun.




by Amir

international evening

13 Mar

Hi to all once again!
I could say that we are already getting closer to each other, so we know something about our friends from different countries. The rest of ourselfs what we bring here in is the presentation of our country.

Last night was a special one, and we decided to represent our counties with some objects that remind us to our land, family or something that´s important to us.

So many people represented their country in so many different ways, and I have to say that was the greatest night on this project so far.

The leaders were so pleased and whole time they smiled and bringint to us positive comments.

In following fotogalery you can see some details from last night, enjoy!

International dancing - Russia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

international dancing

Heike & Samir



all together


russian dance