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snapshots back-office – day 1

12 Mar


snapshots foto workshop – day 1

12 Mar

Amirs new challenge

12 Mar

I just had a look around and found my dear Amir practicing his new hobby: playing the piano. It’s wonderful and I suggest, that he is giving a concert tonight. Anyone else want to join?


snapshots dance workshop – day 1

12 Mar

snapshots film workshop – day 1

12 Mar

all about – Olesya

12 Mar

As you know by now, questions here

1. My name is OlesyaLevchenko. I’m 20 years old. I´m from Russia, Sochi. Now I’m working as an advertising manager for a business magazine. Additional I’m studying at a pedagogicalacademy and I’m already in the third year of study.

2. When I was a child I had the dream to be a singer or actress.

3. I have still a dream. I want to continue the work as a designer and in 10 years I would like to have a husband and a baby.

4. I admire  Emma Watson, Naima Mora, Jonny Depp, Morgan Freeman …

5. I’m afraid of clowns.

6. Just do it (Nike). In some people live angels. In some people live demons. But in some people only live parasites. (Faina Ranevskaya)

7. If I was president in Russia, I would like to improve our ways.

8. I choose “web” because I can look at all sides of the 4 groups. I can be a reporter and I can take photos and I can improve my German and English.

9. I find it always interesting to communicate with a lot of different people, to consider global problems and propose solutions. Moreover it’s important for me to find out about working and studying in Germany. I can find new friends. That’s cool!




1. Ich heiße Olesya Levchenko. Ich bin 20 Jahre Alt. Ich komme aus Russland, und zwar aus Sochi. Jetzt arbeite ich in einem Business-Zeitschrift als Werbungsmanager und zusätzlich studiere ich in einer pädagogischen Akademie und stehe schon in 3. Studienjahr.

2. Als ich war noch Kind, habe ich ein Traum als Schauspielerin oder als Sängerin zu arbeiten!

3. Jetzt  habe ich noch eine Traum. Ich möchte weiter als Designer arbeiten und in 10 Jahre würde ich gern schon mindestens ein Baby und vielleicht einen Ehemann haben.

4. Ich bin begeistert von Emma Watson, Naima Mora, Jonny Depp, Morgan Freeman…

5. Ich habe Angst von den Clowns.

6. Just do it. (Nike). In einigen Leuten leben Engel, in einigen Leuten leben Dämonen, in einigen Leuten leben aber nur Parasiten. (Faina Ranevskaya)

7. Wenn ich Präsident Russlands wehre, würde ich gern unsere Wege verbessern!

8. Ich habe Web Site gewählt, weil hier kann ich alle Seiten der 4 Gruppen betrachten. Ich kann Reporter sein, ich kann auch photografieren und mein Deutsch und Englisch verbessern!

9. Ich finde es immer interassant mit vielen verschiedenen Leuten zu kommunizieren und globale Problemen betrachten und Lösungen dazu vorzuschlagen. Es ist auch wichtig für mich über der Arbeit und das Studium hier in Deutschland was neues zu erkennen. Hier kann ich neue Freunde finden! Das ist cool!


all about – Sarah

12 Mar

As you know, the questions to the interview, you can find here.

1. My Name is Sarah Freistedt and I´m 19 years old. I come from a small village next to Magdeburg. In the moment I´m a volunteer in Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg, the house in which we all meet for the international project „access included“!

4. In my life the most inspiring people are my parents, my sister and also a few special persons who know me very well. They are a kind of role models to me. I admire their aims and their strength. I´m really thankful for them and that they support and motivate me in each situation.

6. I don´t have a real „ motto of life“ but in general I think it´s important to believe always in yourself and every person should be brave to risk something in life for reaching their aims because everybody just has this one

8. In project „access included“. I have chosen the web workshop. It is really new for me. Moreover it could be a useful opportunity for my own voluntary project with an Italian volunteer. On a website or in a catalogue we going to present several interviews and reportage photographs about the topic „generations and age“.

9. I´ve decided to be a part of this international project because I´m really interested in meeting people of different countries and making new experiences together about the different cultures and religions.


short interview – all about

12 Mar

All together, we are 32 people at this Youth Exchange. So by the end of the week, you will find 32 little portraits in the category “people”. To introduce everybody, we decided to ask these 9 questions and present you the answers.

1. What’s your name & your age? Where are you from? What are you doing?

2. What did you wanted to be, when you were a child?

3. Where did you see yourself in 10 years time?

4. Who is inspiring you?

5. What makes you scare? What are you afraid of?

6. What’s your life motto?

7. If you were the president of your country, what would you change?

8. Which workshop are you in? And why did you choose this workshop?

9. What’s your aim with this project? Why did you decide to be part of it?

So, let’s see what all the others are thinking.


Monday Morning – Web Workshop

12 Mar

My four colleagues and me have been quite busy so far. To introduce us very quickly, we are

Olesya from Russia
Sarah from Germany
Amir from Bosnia
Jan from the Czech Republic

and me – Grit from Germany.

During the next week, we will introduce all the people to you, who are being part of the Youth Exchange. We will report from the other workshops – dance, film and photo. And we will let you know about the trips to Wittenberg and Berlin.


my first post – Sarah

11 Mar

My introduction

Hello everybody! My name is Sarah Freistedt, I´m 19 years old and I live in a small village next to Magdeburg. After my A Levels I decided to have a great year full of new experiences. So since September 2011 I´m a German volunteer in Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg and work with a second volunteer together, the Italian girl Roberta.

After the preparation meeting for „ Access included“ in February we were really excited and looked forward to the 10th of march! So now the groups of each country have arrived and I am sure we will have a great time together, have a lot of fun in our workshops and make a lot of new experiences!