something about Grit (Web-Workshop)

17 Mar

Hi, my name’s Grit, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Germany.

1. Why are you on this meeting?

Franziska asked me if I want to be web leader and I agreed it because we know each other from other project and I really enjoy working with young people from different countries.

2. How did you enjoy it?

Very much, it was really lovely to meet all, know someone of us better, spend some time with you.

3. What you will to do after this project ends?

I will go back to my other work and maybe we can keep a contact with all of you.

4. Are you looking forward to another project next year?

Of course I’ll really like to do this again, I’m looking forward to it. And it would be even nice if there would be the possibility of a reunion.

5. What will be your best memory from here?

 International cooking, when Wanda (my daughter) was here and she enjoyed herself with all of you.
by Jan.

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