something about Franziska

17 Mar

1. Why are you on this meeting?

I’m project manager and I’m responsible for planning and finding a team, workshop leaders, planning the program.

2. How did you enjoy it?

I had to do a lot of things, I have to do a lot of administrativ staff, I couldn’t enjoy your trips, but I think it was a good week.

3. What you will to do after this project ends?

I have to finish the work of the project, realize communication with partners from different countries, I have to plan next projects, finish the rest of my work. I go to Warsaw in Poland and I’ll travel to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

4. Are you looking forward to another project next year?

I would like to realize another project with these partners, but maybe with other topics, Im looking forward to it.

5. What will be your best memory from here?

Presentation of workshops and international cooking.

by Jan.



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