interview with : Samir Beharic

17 Mar

Questions: 1. What is your role in this project? 2. What do you think about this projec? 3. How do you see this group in next projects? 4. Is this usefull for EU because so many young people are highly motivated after projects like this one? 5. At the end..?

1. My role in this project is to be youth leader but also I´m working and I´m part of video workshop.

2. What I think about it is that´s really exciting and I can say it´s really delightfull to work with young people and their leaders from all aroud the Europe.

3. All I hope is that there will be more cooperation in the future and team will work together in upcomming years.

4. It is usefull for the EU because the EU will have a lot of advantages from young people who are involved in this kind of projects.

5. At the end I would say for me, this was the greatest expirience and I hope I will continue with this king of work with young people from all over the Europe.





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