Interview with : Samir Agic

17 Mar

Questions:1. What is your oppinion about this project? 2. Do you think that this project is usefull for the rest of your group? 3. Tell me something about your group, how do they se this project? 4. What can you say to us about the succes they´ve done during this project? 5. At the end..?

1. I think this project is fantastic. There is so many opportunities, to meet other cultures, people around the Europe. I think the program suited great for our youngsters because video, photo, dance and the web-design are the most powerfull expresions for the youth creativity.

2. In this project, Bosnian group expirienced a lot of new things, and they bring back to their home with new expirience.

3. I think our group was very active. We had a lot of memberses group, who had different good previously expirience and they build their knowledge in their workshops and common discusion, for exp. “Go Europe” discusion. We were very good informed about it.

4. A lot of youngsters are now highly motivated to participates in other simular projects (Seminars, Youth exchange).

5. At the end, for resime, this project show us again how important and efective the youth program is and very poverfull promotes European unity with different nations and leanguages. One again, I wish to everyone all the best and I´m sending to you a lot of greetings.

Samir A.


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