all about – Sylva & Helena

15 Mar

1. Tell me your name, where are you from and what’s your job?

–  Sylva and Helena, we’re from Czech republic and we’re teachers (Sylva teachs english and german, Helena german and czech languages)

2. How did you find the way to this project?

– Our first project with this organisation we started a few years ago. Five czech cooks lived in this education house and they worked in 2 hotels in Magdeburg – Ramada & Mariott. Last year Mrs Kerstin Osanu offered to me to make a project together. I said yes and we started to prepare this project. And so we are here now.

3. Do you think your studets are getting better with english languague?

– Of course, because they’re listening to Heike who speaks only english and german, they speak with all students, they’re members of workshops where is english spoken.

4. Do you look forward to our trip to Berlin?

– Yes, of course, because we weren’t here a long time. We’re looking forward to see the changes there. Exactly we’re looking forward to visiting the synagogue. We think it will be an interesting experience for us.

So thank you both for your interview.

Sylva & Helena









by Jan


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