all about – Anna

15 Mar

The question about this interview you can see here:

1. Hi to everyone. My name is Anna Nekrasova. I have 19 years old and I´m comming from Russia.

2. When I was young my dream was to be a doctor for animals or veterinarian.

3. In  10 years fisrt of all I want to be a wife. After that I want to be a costom officer.

4. The person who inspiring me is my mother, because she´s giving me everything and the secon person who inspiring me is my teacher.

5. I´m scared about that my dreams wont come true.

6. The motto of my life is: “If you can´t do something than do it, if you can´t do something you have to try it.”

7. If I can be a president of my country, first thing I would do is change political believings, change whole guverment and I would try to tell to Europe that Russia is not the land they think it is.

8. I´m in photo workshop, and I choose it because I just like to look at photos and making them.




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