all about – Sergej Yarovenko

13 Mar

The questions to this interview, you will find here.

1. Sergej Yarovenko, 20 years old and comming from Russia

2. Whan I was young I wanted to be an actor.

3. In 10 years I thing I´m gonna be a teacher or I´ll open a restaurant.

4. I´m inspiring by Hue Jackman.

5. I´m scared to be alone.

6. My motto of life is “Who don´t risk, don´t drink a champagne.”- Russian quote

7. If I am a president of my country I would change a whole country.

8. I´m in a film workshop and I choose it because it´s interesting and every film show the different problem. It´s not only just for fun.




by Amir


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