all about – Anna Krivenko

13 Mar

Questions to be find here.

1. 20 years old and comming from Russia

2. When I was young I was dreaming about to be a moderator of some radio station.

3. I thing in 10 years I´m gonna be a referent in a Nesstle company.

4. I´m inspired by Denisova Natalia and tutors in my college.

5. I´m scared to loose my relevants.

6. My motto of life is: “If you´re active you´re successfull”.

7. If I am the president of my country I would put my atention on social problem, education and employment.

8. I´m in a video workshop and the reason I´m here is that because I think that in film production there are so many different people around me.


by Amir


One Response to “all about – Anna Krivenko”

  1. Anna Krivenko March 20, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    My best photo))

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