all about – Jan

12 Mar

Here you can find the questions to this interview.

1. My name’s Jan Smetana. I’m 18, almost 19 years old. I’m from Czech republic from city called Karlovy Vary.

2. I would to be cook, so I became cook. I like this job, it’s very interesting.

3. I hope somewhere in Great Britain, because I like it there. With family, dog, nice car and big house.

4. I don’t know, maby some people, my parents of course, and that’s all I think.

5. I hate spiders! They’re so hairy, with 4 pairs of legs.

6. I don’t have any.

7. I’m not president and I wouldn’t be ever. I dont get it… these things they’re talking about.

8. I wanted to dance, but our teacher told us, she needs one of us for Web-Workshop, so I accepted it, web-designing is cool, too.

9. I partipicated in it because I think its good experience for me.And I have to talk in english.



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