all about – Amir

12 Mar

The Questions to this interview you can find here

1. Hi, my name is Amir Beharic and I´m 19 years old. I came from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I´m here to learn something more about web design.

2. When I was young, my deam was to be a pilot in some national army. I know it is funny but I know that a lot of young boys had the same wish indeed.

3. If we´re talking about that what I´m going to be in next 10 years, probably that would be an incorect answer but if I can tell you my wish and aim, that would be an Crime scene investigator or Computer enginer.

4. Today I got a lot of people who are my idols or something like that, but the most inspiring person to me is Bryan Adams. So many people don´t know how is he but it´s all about society we´re living in.

5. I am scared of beeing in small rooms or better to say I have Claustrophobia.

6. My motto of life is : „You can´t shake your hands wiht a clenched fists“.

7. If I would be a president of my country, first off all I would change a political believing because all people who lives in Bosnia are poisoned with national believing. Second, I would try to make my country better with involving all young people to get some job and making money for themselfs and for country also.

8. I´m in web-design workshop, and I choose it because I´m really interested in it.

9. The first and the biggest aim for me in this project is to be a part of this group, group of young people who want change in our world and also I´m trying to learn some foringer leanguage, for example German.

Amir Beharic


One Response to “all about – Amir”

  1. Mirsad April 2, 2012 at 11:36 am #

    That`s super Amir.Lern all abaut computer and you vill bi expert for Computer Systems.Also
    You have to lern Hardwer in order to be able construit your own Computer.You are good boy and you have good looking on life and ideologie, but this is hard to inplement in Bosnia
    wheil hier are living seek serbs wich mins that they are supper natin and another all are shit.
    Amir are you komming from Banja Luka , and who aare your parrents? I wish you so much
    succesful in skool and life.
    Best regards mirsad. Aufwiedersehen!!!

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