all about – Sarah

12 Mar

As you know, the questions to the interview, you can find here.

1. My Name is Sarah Freistedt and I´m 19 years old. I come from a small village next to Magdeburg. In the moment I´m a volunteer in Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg, the house in which we all meet for the international project „access included“!

4. In my life the most inspiring people are my parents, my sister and also a few special persons who know me very well. They are a kind of role models to me. I admire their aims and their strength. I´m really thankful for them and that they support and motivate me in each situation.

6. I don´t have a real „ motto of life“ but in general I think it´s important to believe always in yourself and every person should be brave to risk something in life for reaching their aims because everybody just has this one

8. In project „access included“. I have chosen the web workshop. It is really new for me. Moreover it could be a useful opportunity for my own voluntary project with an Italian volunteer. On a website or in a catalogue we going to present several interviews and reportage photographs about the topic „generations and age“.

9. I´ve decided to be a part of this international project because I´m really interested in meeting people of different countries and making new experiences together about the different cultures and religions.



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